2011, June 22 race, showers.

I am happy that Bill joined us for this race. That brought our number of hands up to 4 so now worries, right?
The radar showed some local cells approaching our area so the race started later then the usual 6:30 PM start and we were the only boat in our division as other sailors just did not like the look of the radar images and stayed put at the club. I’m glad I brought a bathing suit with me to wear in the cockpit.
We may have finished 1st in our division but we got wet, really wet. It was kind of wondrous to see, hear and experience the rain coming across the river and lose sight to the north due to low clouds and threatening weather. The threatening part was mostly about rain and not high winds and hail so it rained in waves. Some overhead thunder was heard.
The river and the wind showed their moodiness. The clouds came low and dumped their white walls or veils of rain over the water. The wind was never strong but was fickle as always. The river current changed to S about the time of the race.

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  1. Dave Sites says:

    Hi Caleb….check this out http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=34

    I’m Jonesing for a boat again… maybe one w/ a broken a-4 (priced accordingly) Your boat looks great

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