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2012, May 25 – 27th, Cape May, NJ to NYC

Traveling the 120 nautical miles from Cape May, NJ to New York City on a 1975 Allied Seawind Mark II 32′ ketch. The conditions we had were quite benign with winds only getting up to 15 knots briefly. It was … Continue reading

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2012, May 23. Another race.

I know that few people like to read statistics about someones race record but we have been smoking the beer can race courses. Tonight we finished first over the line for our division and got first place in our old … Continue reading

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2012, April 20th. Making it right with the stuffing box.

So I installed the wrong size of packing into our stuffing box during our drive train re-build. I knew something was wrong when I had to build a tool to cram the 1/4″ stuffing into the box and banged it … Continue reading

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