2012, May 23. Another race.

I know that few people like to read statistics about someones race record but we have been smoking the beer can race courses. Tonight we finished first over the line for our division and got first place in our old Tartan 27′.
It is mostly about the divisions between PHRF ranges above and below 186 that create the “C” and “D” divisions in our non-spinnaker class. The corrected score usually favors us but in todays race we crossed the finish line first in our division and will win on corrected time as well.
It was a beautiful afternoon with light winds from the south and an ebbing current. We played the current by trying to get across the main channel and then heading north to our next mark.
It was a beautiful sunset when we crossed the finish line. A sliver of a moon hung a little behind the sun waiting to set. We sailed back to our mooring with just the two of us while the current changed back to the north with < 5 kt winds, no engine was required. We seem to make a pretty good team together.

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  1. Freddie says:

    Nice! you guys do know your boat quite well and how to make the most out of it! Biggest difference between you and the others! testament to T27 owners…

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