2008, November, MTK to HH delivery of a Bene 505

I was very happy that a few of us crew members thought fit to make sure that the reefing lines on this huge main sail were ready to go as we needed them after we left Montauk for the western LI Sound.

The weather started fairly benign but a bit foggy as we made our way to Plum Gut. The wind built and built up more from the south as we reached Port Jefferson. I’d guess we had gusts to 45 mph by the time we put in the second reef in the main and began furling in the genoa. The gusts had become quite fierce signaling the onset of winter as it was mid-November and the leaves all changed to brown the same weekend.

When we left Port Jeff early the next morning and hit 6′ swells on the sound at the entrance to the harbor. We did not raise a sail that day as the wind had shifted to the SW where we had to go. We powered on into a sea of white horses when the gusts hit 50 mph. Even this 50′ boat was difficult to steer with the 25 knot base winds and seas that were being kicked up. With the 82 HP diesel engine we powered our way west into Hemsptead Harbor.

I would not have liked to be out in my own little 27 footer in the wind and waves I saw on this trip on the ‘protected’ waters of Long Island Sound.

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