2012, September 2nd. Couples day sail.

Racing a sailboat can be a lot of fun but it is days like today that make me very happy that we actually own a sailboat. Today Ken, Brenda, Jessica and I managed to get in a 4 hour day sail complete with wine, Lobster and other delicacies. There would be no racing turns and very little discussion about our tactics, where we were going or how our sail trim needed to be adjusted.
The southerly wind provided the propulsion and we set the boat up to reach across the Hudson which we must have crossed at least 5 or 6 times. On this point of sail “Odalisque” will almost steer herself without much heel in the 10 – 15 knot breeze we had. It is nice that the boat sails by itself as it left me a free hand for both some food and wine. Course changes are another matter naturally; I need both hands to come about or jibe.
We reached land again around 7 PM after starting out before 3 PM. Within 45 minutes a rainstorm blew up and brought some torrential downpours that we waited out at the club. While writing this and sitting on my couch at home I can still feel the boat undulating beneath me and a warm sensation from having spent a very pleasant time with friends on our boat.

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  1. Freddie says:

    Lobster too huh Caleb! Very nice! I’m already looking forward to next year myself…Although I hope to get a few more sails in…

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