2013, August 28. No race.

despite low wind expectations, rain and bad traffic in NYC I made it up to Nyack to attempt our last Wednesday night race.
We went out for the last race. No race. Just a few water pistols from other bored sailors as the wind was not even 5 knots.
We had a nice sail in light wind once the race was called off. We sailed around race marker “B” which would have been our windward mark if there was a race. The wind lessened and it got darker as we made our way back to our mooring.
It is very nice to sail with my co-captain Matt; no one had to do too much as we both knew what needed to be done, and did it, without asking or being told to (for the most part).
I discovered that I have two “captains hats” in my closet which were given to me by various well meaning people. It is kind of fitting that I have one for Matt and myself. They are both imitation US naval services grade, each made in China, befitting of our false credentials for wearing a hat like that in the first place.

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