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Traveler Blocks

Having such an old boat has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One thing we grapple with is sailing with old rigging: no boom vang and no way to control our traveler. The 1967 Tartan 27 traveler is a beautiful bronze track … Continue reading

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June 2003 purchase and delivery

How had I come to be a one third owner in this boat in the first place? I had resisted buying a keel boat because I had an idea how much just the yard fees would be for a boat like this. I had also resisted buying a bigger boat as I had an idea how much work a larger vessel would require, having owned a smaller sailboat or two. I was talked into being a partner in this boat by my partners, Matt and Noah. I had no idea how this odd triumvirate of owners would work out either but I opened the door and stepped into the darkness hoping that my feet would find the ground.
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