2011, August 27th. Storm prep for hurricane Irene.

With a big push from Matt we managed to add 2 extra mooring pennants to Odalisque. The newly added pennants were our last retired set that are 3 – 4′ longer then our existing new pennants and will act as a backup to our primary set. Our sails have been taken down and bagged and the boom and spin pole are now housed in the cabin. Cowl vents are held in by butyl tape and copious amounts of duct tape were applied to things that should not move. All utilities are off and even the sink drain valve is closed. Whatever Mother Nature and the weather Gods hurl at us now will decide if we have done enough.
Tidal surge seems to be the big issue with hurricane Irene. It is a huge rotating mass of disturbed weather, nearly 400 miles wide which may cause a tidal surge greater then Gloria, Bob, or Ernesto; all hurricanes of fairly recent memory that have passed over Long Island, NY during my lifetime.
Odalisque survived what was then TS Ernesto on her mooring anchor on the Hudson by Nyack, NY in 2006. I am hoping that she will survive hurricane Irene however she comes.

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