2011, June 15th race, Full moon.

We have been working as a crew on ‘Odalisque’ for a while now. The three of us: me, Kenny and Matt have been doing a good job of keeping our old cruising boat at the top of our highest PHRF racing division so it is not a big surprise that we finished first in our group. The trouble was that the race started later then the Notice of Race stipulates so this race was not counted.
There was a beautiful orange full moon that came up over Tarrytown and the weather was wonderful and warm. It was a great night to be out on the Hudson which came up so orange. There was a full eclipse of the moon in the southern hemisphere on this night so the moon was coming out of penumbra and was quite orange in color.
This was the night that Matt fixed the fuel leak we had going on with our water separator filter. It really was a good night.

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